2NDO CHANCE Lyrics In English – Becky G


2NDO CHANCE Lyrics In English – Becky G

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Becky G – 2NDO CHANCE Lyrics In English

My Friends Went Out Today And I Stayed Here In My Room
Listening To Our Playlist, Seeing Photos That I Didn’t Publish
They Say It’s Not Right For Me To Love You, But Still Nothing Is Right Here
I Don’t Know Whether To Say “I Love You”, That I Hate You, That I Want To See You

Everyone Has The Right To Make A Mistake
For A Pardon There Is Always A Second Chance
I Accept That It Hurts Me To Remember You
But It Hurts Much More To Imagine You
That You Are In The Fart With Several Friends
Doing With Someone Else What You Did With Me
Tell Me If You’re Alone, Sad And Bored
That You Also Think About Coming Back With Me

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Even If It’s A Lie
Even If It’s A Lie (Even If It’s A Lie)
Even If It’s A Lie
Say That You Still Love Me And That You Will Come Back One Day

It Turns Me On Inside And I Couldn’t Stand It
Seeing You With Someone Else, You Have Left Me In Ruin
I Remember You Saying, “Without Me You Would Be ,” But You’re Still Alive
I Lie To Myself, I Thought It Was Your Type
It Took Me A While To Accept That My Sun No Longer Shines
It Doesn’t Shine Without You, But I Hope You’re Happy
With Someone Else, With Someone Else

And Even If It’s A Lie
And Even If It’s A Lie
And Even If It’s A Lie (Ah-ah)
And Even If It’s A Lie (Ah-ah)


Band/Singer: Becky G & Ivan Cornejo
Lead Vocals: Becky G & Ivan Cornejo
Written By: Alex Luna, Edgar Barrera, Francisco Ríos, Frank Rio, Hector Andre Mazzarri Ramos, Ivan Cornejo, Luis Miguel Gomez Castaño, Manuel Lorente Freire & Rebbeca Marie Gomez
Music Produced By: Edgar Barrera, Casta & Frank Rio
Music Label: RCA Records & Kemosabe Records
Featuring Artist: Ivan Cornejo
Release Date: September 28, 2023
2NDO CHANCE Translations: 2NDO CHANCE (Spanish Version)

2NDO CHANCE Music Video

Becky G, Ivan Cornejo – 2NDO CHANCE (Visualizer (ROOFTOP – ESQUINA))

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