5 signs you are over-sharing your relationship


5 signs you are over-sharing your relationship

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Are you putting the details of your love life all over the Internet without realizing it?

Sharing the intimate details of your life online is dangerous business and most often than not we don’t realize where and when to draw the line.

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Some things are better off kept private. Here are a few signs that tell you whether or not you’re over-sharing your relationship online.

1. Your friends know every detail of your relationship

Did you change your relationship status from ‘single’ to ‘committed’ after just a few dates? If your friends know your Saturday night plans or what you gifted your partner on their promotion it might be time to back off just a little.

2. You post everything up for approval

Are you obsessed with getting ‘likes’ and comments on your pictures and updates? If you like capturing every little moment and put it up online for adulation and approval its time to stop. Realise that people you hardly know unknowingly have a say on your life and you’re only pining for that attention instead of warding it away.

3. You and your partner have more contact online than in person

If the two of you are incredibly busy with your lives but don’t miss a chance to post some random bouts of affection for each other online, its time to think about how much of that PDA is real and how much is made up

4. You update your status on a date

The minute that romantic evening you had planned out for yourself begins, you feel the need to inform the entire world about it. You’re also concerned about what others must be thinking of you after reading your update. This makes the experience more superficial than meaningful.

5. You’re concerned about what others think of your partner

Over most things, you’re swayed by the opinions of your friends and family based on what they see online. Sometimes even comments from acquaintances or complete strangers bother you.

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