6 signs that say your partner is avoiding commitment


6 signs that say your partner is avoiding commitment

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Times are such, where two people start dating in a jiffy, not spending too much time before taking this step.

They don’t even make an effort to know what exactly do they expect from each other and the relationship.

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Sometimes, you might be seriously in a relationship for what you feel and want out of the other person, but your partner would be the one not feeling the same.

It is very common these days for people to not want a long-term commitment.

So, if you’re someone who’s gotten in a relationship and don’t know where it’s heading, you should try and pick on these signs to know if your partner isn’t in it for the long run.

1. You both haven’t formed an emotional bond

Fun in a relationship is of course needed, but so is emotional intimacy. Taking things lightly all the time isn’t going to go a long way. If your partner isn’t opening up to you and doesn’t try to understand you emotionally, it’s a sign that he doesn’t want to commit.

2. You don’t know real things about your partner

When two people are in a committed relationship, they try to share each and everything about their past and present with each other. They even don’t shy away from showing their vulnerabilities to each other. If this isn’t happening in your relationship, chances are that your partner might not ever share his real life with you.

3. They cancel plans with you most of the time

You might want to spend a lot of time with your partner since you two are dating each other. But it might not be the case for your partner. You might keep making plans to meet, plan dates, go for movies or even for a walk. But if your partner keeps on avoiding most of these plans, they are running away from a commitment.

4. They are only sexually inclined towards you

If your partner isn’t wanting a commitment, you will know from the way they think about getting involved physically. There’s nothing more to that for your partner and this in itself should tell you that they are not the ones who will commit to you.

5. They avoid introducing you to their friends and family

A healthy, committed relationship means introducing each other to your friends and family members whenever you think the time is right. Now, you might have introduced your side of the people to your partner, but it wouldn’t be the same from their side. If they are trying to avoid introducing you to their close ones, they’re not that into you and ready for a commitment.

6. There is no relationship conversation between you two

To be clear about things in a relationship, it is very crucial to talk about your future together. But if your partner starts to change the topic every time you start a relationship conversation or tells you that they don’t want to talk about it, you should know they’re not here to commit.

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