7 weirdest things people were caught carrying at airports!


7 weirdest things people were caught carrying at airports!

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We all love interesting travel stories as they talk about adventures, destinations and many more things.

But nothing compares to the weird (and sometimes downright bizarre) airport stories that we get to read about every now and then.

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Airport security agencies around the world have been busy interrupting travel plans of some very interesting flyers, mostly because of things that were found in their luggages.

Here are some of the most interesting cases from around the world.

1. Snakes

Back in 2011, at Miami International Airport, a man was stopped by the security after they found snakes and turtles hidden in his pants … the ones that he was wearing. Needless to say, the man was arrested and the animals were safely handed over to the wildlife department.

2. Human remains

Well, skull fragments to be precise. Back in 2013, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, several travellers had to go through long delays, all thanks to a passenger who was trying to travel with clay pots containing human skull fragments.

3. Corpse prop

Speaking of strange items, this one was thankfully just a prop, but a bizarre thing to travel with nonetheless. In 2016, the authorities discovered what looked like a corpse. It was soon found out that it was just a prop from the famous movie Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2. The prop had a name too – Nubbin.

4. Baby shark

A passenger, flying out from Syracuse Hancock International Airport in New York, tried to fly with a baby shark in a bottle. Needless to say, the shark was confiscated.

5. A tiger cub

Tiger cubs are so cute and adorable. But that, in no way, means you can carry them in your luggage. A passenger once tried to fly into Iran from Bangkok with a live but drugged three-month old tiger cub in her suitcase. The poor cub was rescued and handed over to the wildlife authorities.

6. Bags of spiders!

This one is definitely the worst nightmare for some. A passenger once tried to fly out of Zurich, Switzerland, with 12 individually-packed Mexican red kneed tarantulas. Of course he was not allowed to do so, and to make the matter worse, sadly the tarantulas didn’t survive the cold cargo bay.

7. Marijuana inside a fake grenade

Why, you ask? We don’t know. Even if the authorities were not on the lookout for passengers flying out with marijuana, one is bound to get caught if the grand plan was to hide the item inside a fake explosive. What were they thinking?

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