Basetsana and Romeo release statement after case won against Jackie Phamotse


Basetsana and Romeo release statement after case won against Jackie Phamotse

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Basetsana and Romeo Kumalo celebrate victory against Jackie Phamotse

Basetsana and Romeo Kumalo released an official statement after winning the case against Jackie Phamotse.

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On Tuesday, Jackie was found guilty on two counts of Crimen injuria.

The couple expressed excitement as they finally gained victory after 5 years, and in October Jackie will get sentenced.

Below is the full statement released:

Statement of Mr. and Mrs. Romeo and Basetsana Kumalo on the outcome of the court proceedings involving Ms. Jackie Phamotse September 21, 2023

Mr. and Mrs. Kumalo welcome the outcome of the proceedings involving a case of defamation against Ms. Jackie Phamotse. The court has found Ms. Phamotse guilty on two counts of Crimen injuria, one count of Criminal Defamation and one count of Contempt of Court.

We are relieved that the saga has now been dispensed with and that our families can start a moment of reflection, healing, and recovery. This ordeal has been a severe test on the bonds of family and friends. Our children have been devastatingly impacted by these damning allegations. We watched with pain, their psychological beings, social lives and self-esteem taking unimaginable knocks. As businesspeople, our ability to pursue sustainable livelihoods were hamstrung, with some business prospects being brought to a halt.

We are grateful for the immense support received from family, friends and the greater South African community at large. We wish to appeal to South Africans to exercise extreme caution when using social media platforms, to at least desist from bullying, making false claims and defamatory remarks about other fellow citizens. Social media remains a powerful avenue through which we can empower and educate each other. It is therefore critical that it is not used as an outlet to defame, disparage, and besmirch.

The South African Justice system remains one the most resilient in the world. We appreciate the diligence with which the matter was dealt with and hope that true to form, the courts will continue to adjudicate on these matters with a fastidious, steady, and stern hand.” – said the Kumalo’s The matter has been on the roll for almost five years and sentencing is expected to be handed down on 24 October 2023.

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