Cassper Nyovest confirms Nasty C’s contribution on “Solomon” album


Cassper Nyovest confirms Nasty C’s contribution on “Solomon” album

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Cassper Nyovest speaks about Nasty C’s contribution to his Solomon album during a recent press conference.

The two rappers are on an African tour and they will be dropping their album on the same day.

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It is no news that Maglera Doe Boy is the only featured artist on Cassper’s album, however, he revealed d

Cassper said that there’s a Nasty C feature on his album but it might take keen ears to recognize the Durban rapper’s distinctive voice on the track. “I dont know if I should say it but there’s a Nasty feature on the album but you kinda have to know his voice to hear. But he contributed to the album. I asked him to do something on the album and he was an artist enough to do it because there’s like a certain paintbrush that I needed and he did it for me.” Cassper said.

“This is like a Grootman album for me, I’ve settled into my position in the game. This is who I am. I am no longer young, no longer the hottest guy on the block, I’m not as excited as the new guys — but I’m the guy who did it like nobody did.

“I’m the guy with the game, with jewels. I’m the guy they want to get the information from, so this is the album where I’m basically giving out game. I’m in my element and I’m calm about it. I’m very particular about it,” Cassper said.

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