“He was probably used to attack me,” Lady Du says she’s cool with K.O


“He was probably used to attack me,” Lady Du says she’s cool with K.O

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Lady Du speaks about her relationship with K.O.

Months ago, the rapper dissed the Amapiano vocalist; it became the talk of the town as people presumed Du deserved the diss, while a few others were curious to know her offense.

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It was reported that the singer slammed K.O’s hit song, Sete, hence the diss at her.

Lady Du responded back then by claiming that she is a successful singer and that she is not bothered by K.O’s diss.

On Friday, the singer was interviewed on Metro FM and she addressed the beef.

Du said she is cool with the rapper, but she further revealed what might have caused the diss.

“We’ve always been cool. I think what happened was that I was in a management space that he is in now, and he was probably used to attack me. I have never had a problem with K.O because he is one of the people that opened doors for us… and obviously if someone walked the path before you, you can’t fight with the person like that. So, for me I stand up for myself, I don’t keep quiet, so there’s no way I’m gonna keep quiet, I’m not gonna let a lie go out, I didn’t say something like that, you have no proof of me saying something like that. More especially when Blxckie and Young Stunna are one of my favourite people, I’d never say anything …” she said.

Lady Du further revealed her interest in a collaboration with K.O.

“I mind my business. I will never go and attack someone’s bread and butter. We’re cool, we’re fine and maybe, we might feature someday.”

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