“It’s Mama upside down,” Lady Du reveals “Wawa” backstory


“It’s Mama upside down,” Lady Du reveals “Wawa” backstory

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Lady Du creates wealth for her daughter through “Wawa” tag

Lady Du shares how she created the “Wawa” tag she says in most of her songs.

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During an interview with Metro FM this Friday, the star said the tag was created by her daughter who was interested in being part of the singer’s studio session

Du claimed she went to the studio with her daughter one day and she wanted to be part of the song, but the star stopped her saying she can’t joing because it’s restricted age wise.

However, the young girl didn’t give up as she asked her mother if she could do something else.

Lady Du agreed and her daughter said, “Mama.”

“I thought about it and I’m like I can’t do Mama as a tag, but as a legacy for my daughter, it’s Mama upside down.”

The Tjina hitmaker further disclosed that her daughter receives 2% royalties from any song she uses the Wawa tag.

So, for every song that I’m on, when I say Wawa you must know that you have to pay my daughter 2%”

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