Maglera Doe Boy opens up on why he did more features


Maglera Doe Boy opens up on why he did more features

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Maglera Doe Boy opens up about how he positioned himself in the industry.

In a recent interview with TshishaLIVE, the rapper says is heart comes from his art.

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“I used to think a lot but now I’m understanding that my heart comes from my art, and I don’t need to think about how I feel, so I just let it out,” he said.

“Sometimes I just stand still. I don’t move but it’s very theatrical. All of those things stem from Wiseman Mncube wanting to be in theatre, wanting to make more high-end music.”

Speaking about why he did lots of collaboration, Maglera said, “Over the years I wanted my sound to have its own space and it has its own space now in the culture, the lifestyle, and all. All of this has been planned. I did features for four years, positioning myself because a lot of people were questioning what I was saying because my slang is so different. So I felt the best way to teach South Africans was on other people’s songs.”

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