Makhadzi’s dramatic entrance at a show has people laughing (Video)


Makhadzi’s dramatic entrance at a show has people laughing (Video)

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Makhadzi stole all attention at her Royal Garden’s show with a dramatic entrance.

When it comes to concerts or shows, entrance is a vital part of it; some artists spend millions just to have their audience’s jaws drop due to their entrance.

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Over the years, we’ve witnessed both international and national artists make headlines over their entrance at shows; in South Africa, the likes of Cassper Nyovest and Pabi Cooper trended and made headlines because of it.

The Ma Gear hitmaker attempted to be part of history with her entrance, but while we might tag it a success, we could also say it wasn’t smooth.

Makhadzi gave the bird-like entrance, as she was suspended up in the sky with a rope above the crowd till she got to the stage, however, it seemed like she was stuck just before she landed on the stage.

Some viewers poked fun at the entrance, while others urged her team to do better.

“Well tried , unprofessional, i give it 60%…. Lights must go off wen she lands we don’t want to see people who are hesitating to untie her. She seems to be delayed in getting down,” a comment read.

“For a moment I thought she was stuck up there,” another says.

“Low budget…mara atlist she pulled a stunt”

“She thinks she’s beyonce this one”

Watch the video below:

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