Naomi Campbell Dons Hand-crafted Brass Frock By Nigerian Bubu Ogisi For Victoria’s Secret Campaign


Naomi Campbell Dons Hand-crafted Brass Frock By Nigerian Bubu Ogisi For Victoria’s Secret Campaign

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Iconic black supermodel — Naomi Campbell dons a hand-crafted brass frock designed and constructed by Nigerian creative director — Bubu Ogisi of IAMISIGO for Victoria’s Secret‘s star-studded The Tour campaign.

Bubu is based in Lagos, Nigeria and cast as a fashion designer alongside Korty Eniola Olanrewaju (Filmmaker), Eloghosa Osunde (Artist), Ashley Okoli (Artist) and Wavy The Creator (Multifaceted Creative) as VS20 House Of Lagos to showcase art centred on the appreciation and beauty of womanhood leads audiences through their behind-the-scenes artistic process and personal narratives.
IAMISIGO describes her pieces as nomadic-conscious wearable art traditionally handcrafted in Africa. Naomi’s halterneck look was accentuated with butt-length sleeky-straight hair featuring tapered trims that flawlessly framed her face by JAWARA and latte makeup by Pat McGrath.
IAMISIGO also spoke about the inspiration for the exceptional ensemble spotted on Naomi and shared sneak peeks from behind the production scenes on Instagram, keep scrolling to explore:
With this body of work, we continued our exploration in exalting the divine feminine, this collection continues our scope into examining and understanding us beyond being human beings through the idea of divinity. We create and destroy, are we gods or descendants of gods?
Cloth is an important indication of numinous presence in the worship of the moral inquisitors. Each piece is possessed in infinite cloths and layering as a sign of majesty. Earth is thus the mirror. Through earth, all prayers reach the gods. Much energy is spent maintaining good relations with the deities and ancestors and warding off bad fate and negativity.
Naomi represents the deity — Yemoja. As the protective deity of women and mother of all spirits, Yemoja governs everything pertaining to women, parenthood, child safety, love, and healing.
The brass shapes represent a road map to the truth, written in copper and zinc, this is a script of undying ecstasy, giving of children from the fluids of the womb, and of the mother’s protection of her children as unyielding as stones in water.
The goddess, cloth cascading from her head to toe on either side is mirrored by a female figure, representing a devotee or daughter.
Muse: @naomi for @victoriassecret
Brass dress: @iamisigo designed and constructed by the creative director @bubuogisi
Photography: @carlijnjacobs

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