Nota Baloyi involved in a car accident in the US


Nota Baloyi involved in a car accident in the US

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Nota Baloyi sustains injury after being involved in a car accident in America.

The South African socialite has been in the US for some months.

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According to ZiMoja, Baloyi was hit by a car despite avoiding the car.

“I tried to avoid the car, but the driver accelerated and slammed the brakes after impact. I rolled onto his bonnet and was thrown off by the sudden stop, landing on my right shoulder, which shielded my head, leaving a graze on my right shoulder blade and a cut on my right brow,” he said to the publication.

He was taken to the hospital, where he received treatment.

Nota further appreciated people who wished him well.

“Yes, I fell and got hurt, but I pushed through the pain and got right back up again. I’m grateful for all the well wishes from friends and followers,” he said.

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