Office romance: How to have a secret lover in the office


Office romance: How to have a secret lover in the office

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What do you do when you want sex with a coworker but don’t want a relationship? and you don’t want anyone else to know?

If you want a relationship, you can be bold and even tell Human Resources.

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If you want to be fuck buddies, you don’t want the entire office to think, “These people are having sex” when you both walk into the room.

If the s*xual relationship is public, people can question your decisions if you are his or her boss.

So, how can you have a consensual romp in the sac with a coworker?

1. Don’t visit her or his desk to ‘talk’

If you are always around him or her, then it will be evident for a mile that something is going on. You left your desk to meet him to talk, and it’s not about work. Everyone will notice how you are both lost in each other’s eyes. Sexual tension is palpable to others.

2. Don’t eat lunch together

It’s lunchtime, and both of you are huddled together, eating and laughing. In fact, you are both eating from the same plate. You should carry a placard saying, ‘We are having sex,” since you want to be that obvious.

3. Don’t go home together

It’s closing time, and the two of you go, walking to the car park or ordering a ride together. Always leave the office in separate vehicles; no one would think you both are getting freaky after work.

4. Don’t flirt in public

You hug her, and your hands linger on her waist. Well done. Always standing outside laughing and giggling also looks like flirting, just so you know. Most importantly, don’t make out in the office. Cut it out if you don’t want anyone to know.

5. Don’t treat him or her specially

People will notice if you are unnecessarily nice or even mean to a coworker. If you enter the room and say hi to everyone, say hi to them too. Don’t linger; don’t give them a tight hug; leave all that for when you get home and fall into each other’s arms.

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