Sishi set to drop 52 songs


Sishi set to drop 52 songs

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Sishii speaks on plans for his music career

South African star Sishii officially launched his music career this year and he’s set to catapult his career to the peak.

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He came to the limelight through his acting skills, however, he is working on solidifying himself as a musician.

Speaking to TshishaLIVE in an interview, Sishii explained why he likes being a music artist; he also revealed plans to drop 52 songs.

“I started making music before I started acting. I’m going to release 52 songs. One of my most important things as an artist is to be honest about my journey. What’s nice about acting is that I can portray a character, but with songwriting it allows me to tell my own stories in the best way I know, which is through lyrics, singing and melodies,” he said.

Sishii says he wants to make music without being pressured.

“I want to grow creatively. A lot of the time as a songwriter you feel pressure to make music for the radio and I no longer want to do that. Right now it’s about me telling cool stories. I’m making wavy music right now.”

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