Social media users slam Lady Du for promoting theft


Social media users slam Lady Du for promoting theft

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Lady Du gets dragged on social media for promoting theft.

On Sunday, the vocalist exuded compassion to a lady who was caught stealing pampers at a shopping mall.

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The staff at the store humiliated her and ensured she returned the stolen pampers.

However, it was revealed that she stole the pampers for her child, as she is a mother.

Lady Du got emotional after watching the video clip and promised to help her.

Returning to social media on Monday morning, the singer said she’s found the woman.

“Hey guys I found lulama and will be going to her place tomorrow she has 3 kids, currently traumatised by what happened. We need to help more people I’ll be sending her details tomorrow after I meet with her,” she wrote.

Lady Du got dragged after stating that the staff at the company should be scolded for their actions to the woman caught stealing.

“Someone needs to discipline the staff at @jet for what they did to her.”

Social media users who read Du’s post frowned at her last statement.

“Please also try to visit the robbers, I think they are suffering. People go sell things on the streets to survive not steal, you are condoning a terrible entitlement behavior and I pray you supply her with the basics month to month for she doesn’t steal again,” a Twitter user wrote.

“Umithiswe ngubani? 3 kids or 10 kids. No one has a right for shoplifting. Surely, she is not the only person to have 3 kids. This is not supposed to be an excuse for ubusela,” another wrote.

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