This is how much you will pay in rands for the new iPhone 15 in South Africa


This is how much you will pay in rands for the new iPhone 15 in South Africa

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Following the launch of Apple’s latest iPhone earlier this month, pre-orders have opened up in South Africa on Friday for the company’s popular product.

The latest edition of the smartphone, the iPhone 15 range, comes in four editions: the iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro and the flagship, the iPhone 15 Pro Max.

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One of the most notable changes about Apple’s new product is that the iPhone 15 range boasts USB C charging ports, a change away from its lightning cable charging ports.

When Apple launched the products, it said the iPhone 15 Pro is priced from $999 (around R18,925), which is unchanged from its predecessor. The iPhone 15 Pro Max pricing starts at $1,199 (up $100, around R22,714 and up by around R1,894).

The iPhone 15 pricing starts from $799 (about R14 999), while the iPhone 15 Plus pricing starts from $899 (about R16 877).

In South Africa, there is no direct Apple store where consumers can purchase its products directly from Apple.

The most popular store to purchase Apple products from, however, is the iStore.

The iStore is a popular retail store that specialises in the sale of Apple products and accessories in South Africa.

According to the iStore’s website, the pricing of the iPhone 15 range starts from R 21,999 for the base model.

Below are the starting prices of the iPhone 15 models from the iStore:

  • iPhone 15 – R 21,999
  • iPhone 15 Plus – R 24 999
  • iPhone 15 Pro – R27 699
  • iPhone 15 Pro Max – R33 499

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